Why Is Engagement Important On Social Media

Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Are you looking for ways to drive sales to your business using social media? Then you’ve probably heard of the term social media “engagement” and how important it is. Why is it important, do you ask? 

Well, simply put, people commonly pay attention to something or someone that truly engages them, right? And typically ignore things and people that don’t engage them at all. 

That’s why engagement is important on social media. It helps a brand cut through all the noise that each social media platform has. With more than half of the world being on social media, there is a lot of information to sort through. So, just posting your promotion and your mission statement is just not going to cut it. 

That’s why if you’re a social media beginner or just a business owner looking to make your brand stand out online, then you need to focus on social media engagement. 

What is Engagement? 

It’s any action taken on a social media platform, such as likes, comments, reviews, and shares. It also refers to link clicks, direct messages and followers - pretty much anything that keeps your audience hooked, active and consistently engaging with your brand’s profile. 

These engagement indicators hold various benefits for business owners, marketers, and CEOs. It positively affects online and offline business performance and helps achieve overall business goals, just to name a few.

That’s why I’m going to share the three points on why social media engagement is essential. 

Why is it important? 

1) It’s a human need 

Social media engagement is a profitable way to engage current and potential customers by taking their behaviours into account whilst setting the stage for future behaviour.

For people, connecting with others is a human need. In fact, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, a theory proposed 70 years ago by a psychologist states that social interaction is a key driver to human motivation.

Basically, brands need to connect with their customers more personally to drive sales and leads through social media. 

And how does a brand do that? 

Well, think of it as a relationship of any kind. When you meet someone, you take the time to get to know them by listening, sharing common interests, and giving them value by taking them out or buying them a present. A similar approach can be taken, in a more formal way, of course. 

It’s essential to have this approach on social media because that’s what everyone goes on social media for - to be more social. 

According to GWI’s latest global internet survey, only 27.7% actually go on social media to buy products, but 48% use it to keep in touch with friends and family, 35% read the news and 31% use it to find funny and entertaining content. 

So, if your brand practises social listening, creates interesting and relevant content, and offers unbeatable value, you’re bound to see leads and sales knocking at your door.

2) Data Capturing

Social media is like a mining tool for data capturing. 

As your brand consistently shares messages on social media, the engagement received can serve as important insights that highlight a message’s strength, quality, and reliability. 

Not only will it help measure the performance of your messages online, but it will help you understand offline messages too. Understanding what content works and what content doesn’t will help you fine-tune your social media strategy 

Additionally, it can also give further insight into your products and services performance through reviews. Feedback is key to improving your business, as we all know, so opening up the platform for your customers to share their thoughts is exactly what a business needs to thrive and meet customer expectations consistently.

3) Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Social media is just one of the various CRM systems you should have in place. It proves to hold undeniable value for businesses due to its two-way communication ability. 

Brands can actively engage with customers who reach out to them. Additionally, brands can monitor and manage their brand’s reputation online. 

Thanks to social media, you can easily gather information, engage with customers, and act on their needs. If executed successfully, your brand will build a community of loyal customers who will advocate for your business rather than just the brand advocating for itself.

That’s why it’s our mission to educate business owners, marketers, and CEOs on the right tools and strategies to help them engage on social media to achieve the overall business goals. 

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