Why Franchising is Becoming Popular in 2021

Thursday 11th of March 2021

We can all agree that the uncertain times we have had to face have made us a bit more cautious in our careers from now on. People want to be sure that the word "redundant" or "unemployed" is never heard again. But unfortunately, like for most, this has become more commonly heard since March 2020. 

The pandemic has sped up the process of having our lives online, including businesses. It's no wonder franchising has been booming since, as it allows people to take charge of their own destiny to ensure that their careers and livelihoods are secured. What better way to be secure than becoming your own boss? Franchising has proven to be resilient against most of the challenges the pandemic brought, and here's why: 

1) Sustainable & Profitable Business Model 

You are given a tried and tested business model that has proven to work. The franchisors have bared the scars in the industry, so you don't have to! They've risked it all and made it work - meaning you won't need to take any risks. 

2) Team Support 

Your franchisor will never leave you in the dark. You will be connected with industry experts who will be committed to seeing you achieve profitable results. They will help you, guide you and mentor you into success. 

3) Systems, Procedures & Processes

You are provided with the necessary tools to help you streamline your operations. It will serve as building blocks that will continually support your business's growth so that you can effectively retain customers and employees. 

4) Effective Sales Process

There's no doubt that if a business is franchising, they've worked out an effective sales process that consistently delivers results every time. 

5) No Experience Needed 

Full, in-depth training and support will be provided for you and your team - giving you the knowledge and the confidence to scale your business. 

6) Expert Knowledge 

Take it from the people who have already been there and done that. You can gain their years worth of knowledge and experience in just a matter of weeks!

7) Lead Generating Strategies

If the franchise you're thinking of is franchising, they are doing it for a reason. They have reached a point where their business can offer its model to others. They know all the strategies proven to work that you will need to build a consistent flow of leads.

8) Brand Identity 

They have already established a strong brand and reputation, meaning you don't have to. You'll become a trusted industry expert as you begin, giving your customers the trust they need in you. This takes away the huge amount of effort required to develop a good brand image, which for a new business can take several years.

9) Reduced Risk 

Comparing the costs of starting your own business as opposed to buying one would shock you. The failure rates of independent startup businesses, as opposed to franchises, grow because franchisors support owners from the startup process and throughout when the business succeeds, giving them guidance every step of the way. 

There's no doubt as to why franchising has become popular in 2021, as it's the best way for people to become their own boss whilst avoiding the risk of failure. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset, then there is no better time to get into one. 

Our business model during the pandemic proved that it could survive anything. It actually grew by 610% which is why we want to offer our successful business model to others.

Our mission is to help 1% of 5.9 million businesses in the UK use social media for marketing. However, we need to speed up that support process and have decided that to fulfil the mission, we need help from other entrepreneurs like our CEO Rik who are determined to strive for success. And in doing so, helping others to do the same.

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