Top 5 Tips for Filming on your Phone

Friday 16th of October 2020

Looking to start your own videos but not quite ready to splurge on the fancy equipment? That's understandable, it's a big investment to make but having the latest camera isn't essential to making high-quality videos.

Filming on your phone is a great way to capture videos and it's an option accessible to most people who own one.

A lot of great content is captured on phones nowadays, remember Beyonce's music video for 7/11 back in 2014? She shot the entire video on her phone and it went viral (it currently has 546,420,646 views on YouTube)!

Whether you're filming on the latest iPhone 12 camera or a Samsung Galaxy S20, it can work for anyone as long as you know the basics.

So, here are our top 5 tips to help you become an absolute pro!

1. Film in Landscape

There is nothing worse than seeing black bars on either side of a video! To avoid this, film in landscape rather than portrait. Not only will this make your video more aesthetically pleasing but it'll also make it a more enjoyable watching experience for the consumer.

2. Framing

Now that you're recording in the correct orientation, you need to focus on filling the frame with your subject. You can put them slightly off-centre to create a more interesting back scene. Have a play around; see what looks and works best for you.

3. Use Daylight

Lighting is more important than you think! Try to avoid backlit-settings; you may be able to see people and their faces but the camera on your phone usually can't. To overcome this try using daylight where possible, ideally next to a window during the day.

4. Tidy Background

Your background will have an impact on the quality of the video; your viewer will take notice of an untidy room! So make sure that your background is clean and put up some accessories/decor that best represent you and your business/brand.

5. Test Audio

Be sure to do an audio test before filming. Check that the microphone on your phone is working and picking up good sounds. Once you've checked this, you can begin recording. Be as clear and confident as possible and reduce background noise where you can e.g. close windows if it is noisy outside.

When approaching any new activity, it will take time to get to grips with it. Your first attempt may not be a cinematic masterpiece but with these tips, and practice, one day it could be.

Oh and don't forget to look at the camera!