Top 5 Social Media Problems For Small Businesses

Friday 14th of May 2021

Social media has shown to be one of the most successful marketing tools for businesses, with over 4.2 billion active users worldwide. However, most small businesses fail to grasp what makes it work, probably because they face these five problems. 

1.The Social Media Algorithm

They don't know about the algorithm. If you are unaware of it, your content will get suppressed. 

What is a social media algorithm?

It's a way for social media platforms to organise content in a users' newsfeed. The social media algorithm prioritises which content their users would like to see in their newsfeed based on relevancy. It determines relevance by reviewing the engagement of each post. 

So, what's the worry? 

Well, especially for small businesses, if their posts don't get engagement, such as likes, comments, views, shares or saves, their posts will not reach as many people - defeating the purpose of posting in the first place.

This means that engagement is crucial for social media success and a key element in every social media strategy. 

Pro Tip: Avoid using third party social media scheduling tools as they suppress your post reach. Instead, schedule your posts directly from each platform. 

2.Being Social on Social Media

Small businesses fail to understand who their target audience is on social media. Why? Because they do not use the most powerful social media tool, social listening

What is social listening? 

This tool helps every business using social media marketing to identify who they are talking to, what's relevant within their industry, and keep an eye on their competitors.

Notably, this goes hand in hand with creating engaging content. 

Think about it like this, how will an audience engage with content if it does not resonate with them? 

The solution is simple. They need to get into the habit and dedicate at least 30 minutes a day to searching and monitoring: 

  • Their brand names and handles
  • Their competitors' names and handles
  • Industry keywords and hashtags
  • Their branded hashtags (and the competitors)

3.Paid Advertising 

Paid advertising on social media is not guaranteed to work. 

Social media platforms, especially Facebook, make it seem easy by simply adding in your card details to get instant leads. But what they are doing is sending their money down the drain. 


Without setting up a campaign properly with data, businesses paid ads are not achieving ROI. 

To solve this problem, they need to learn how to set the campaign up correctly. That way, their money won't go to waste, and they will get the leads they are after.

Our CEO Rik Courtney explains how businesses should set up their paid advertising campaigns. 

4.Out of ideas

They start to run out of ideas.

Small businesses then tend to recycle content, which after time, their audience will either get bored or annoyed.

Arguably, they'll be at the top of their mind with their audience, but the last thing you want to do is bore or annoy them. Doing this could lead the audience to disengage and potentially unfollow the business page - and nobody wants that to happen. 

On social media, you need to be social, and that's what most small businesses forget.

In fact, all booming social media business pages follow the80/20 rule — 80% of your content should give value to your audience by creating content that entertains, educates and inspires them, and 20% should promote the business. 

You need to offer value by consistently delivering your value proposition

But how do you deliver your value effectively every time without boring your audience? Ask auntie AIDA:

5.Time & Money

Finally, the last of the five and probably the biggest problem for small business owners is that Social media marketing is a time-consuming and money exhausting task.

Most small businesses are juggling so many other tasks to keep afloat that they don't have the time and money to dedicate to it, which creates a bigger problem - their page becomes a ghost town.

Luckily for small businesses, some free tricks and tools help save time and don't cost a penny!

For instance, I've brought Rik back to show you how to create content at mass to save time. 

Other free tools include: 

  • Create eye-catching, personalised brand content with Canva
  • Use Grammarly to proofread copy to avoid any errors.

And if you keep up to date with our socials and blog posts, we'll offer you the best advice on managing your social media pages for free!

Final Thoughts

Small businesses' social media problems can be resolved with a savvy and active approach.

Money is a big issue, especially for small businesses. Still, with an array of free tools and resources, there's no reason why businesses can't dedicate a portion of their day to market their business on social media. 

That's precisely why we offer a 6-month money-back guarantee on our social media services. We understand above all the other social media problems that money is the biggest one. 

We educate small businesses on how to quickly yet effectively grow their social media, and if they don't receive results, they get their money back. Worst case? You learn all you need to know about how to make your social media successful!