This Will Fundamentally Change The Way You Look At Social Media

Friday 30th of July 2021

Despite the world of marketing being dynamic, it has rapidly changed due to the pandemic. 

The recent pandemic has highlighted online marketing, putting pressure on businesses to focus more on digital marketing practices and ‘virtually’ open their doors to maintain the lost physical presence as lockdown restrictions fluctuate. 

If you look at the numbers, 59% of UK businesses use social media to date, with numbers rising each day. 

But as business owners start to understand the importance of social media marketing, naturally, they also begin to worry and wonder, 

“What are the pros and cons of social media marketing?” 

In this blog, we’re going to answer just that: 


Cost- effective 

The main advantage of social media marketing is that it’s cost-effective. It’s free to set up and post relevant information, and there is a range of free tools online to streamline the whole process. 

You can learn, create and implement social media marketing strategies with just a click of a button. However, with an overload of information out there, it’s not easy to sift through what’s reliable and what’s not. It’s worth following the best social media marketers, or let us help you!

Whether a business is big or small, social media marketing is easily adaptable in a marketing strategy at any stage of a business. 

Additionally, businesses can also run highly successful social media campaigns on a budget to work for optimal ROI. 

Direct Targeting 

Have you ever wondered how social media platforms, like Facebook, show you ads about the new football shirt you discussed with your mate?

Or have you ever visited a website and then hopped on Facebook, only to find an ad from the same business? 

How does this happen? Well, with data, of course. All social media platforms track the data you allow permission. It then translates all the information you’ve shared and directs valuable adverts straight to you. Ads that they know you’ll like and most probably take action on - also known as remarketing.

The beauty of social media for marketing is targeting your ideal customer directly with paid ads.

If you have created a buyer persona, then you can use this information when creating ad campaigns to set your target. 

Alternatively, a business can practise the art of social listening to target their ideal customers! 

In this video, Rik Courtney demonstrates a great example of social listening practises on Instagram. 

Relationship Management

Social media has been the leading platform that connects the world to their family and friends, but its primary purpose is to connect businesses with their customers directly. 

Establishing that connection through social media helps to support relationship marketing - a strategy that allows businesses to form long-term relationships to maintain customer loyalty, brand awareness, and engagement. 

Essentially it helps to humanise a brand. As businesses start to engage on a social platform, they need to focus on being more social rather than selling products and services. 

By doing this, businesses will resonate with their audience. It’s a platform where brands can engage with their customers in an informal way, such as touching on pain points, latest news, memes and quotes - anything that will entertain, educate and inspire them.

Furthermore, businesses can use social media to promote and support their customer service. A great way to get feedback and share valuable information. 

Despite the main focus being to connect with customers, social media marketing also supports internal business relationships with key stakeholders and employees. It helps maintain an attractive image of the company. 


Negative Feedback 

Customers love sharing their best experiences with a brand online. But what they love even more is sharing their worse experiences.

They do it as a form of social justice, to help others either enjoy the same experience or warn them. 

It’s every brand’s worse nightmare when going online, as becoming vulnerable can potentially destroy their reputation.

However, if businesses adopt a proactive and reactive approach to customer service on social media, it can turn a bad experience into an opportunity - an opportunity that can increase brand exposure and oddly create a powerful brand image. 

Time Consuming

Social media marketing takes dedication and commitment. The nature of this type of marketing is more long-term.

Businesses need a person dedicated to plan, create, schedule, monitor and optimise each social media platform. 

We teach companies the best tips and tools to do it without sacrificing loads of time and quality through our Social Media Food Chain and SocialHub. 

Additionally, here is a range of free social media management tools to not only help you create content but save time and ultimately save you money. 


The strategic importance of social media marketing for businesses cannot be overlooked, especially in current uncertain times. 

Social media is an invaluable tool for businesses and organisations that want to market their business online. But before they dive into it, they need to be well equipped with a great strategy, content and best practices for managing social media effectively. 

That’s why we help businesses across the UK each day navigate through social media by teaching them how to entertain, educate and inspire.