The Facebook Pixel: What is it?

Friday 24th of September 2021

Want to know a top tip for improving your Facebook ads? The Facebook Pixel is the answer. 

The Facebook Pixel is a handy marketing tool placed onto your website to keep an eye on all the actions taken on your website. 

It might sound creepy as a user, but this is like a pot of gold for a marketer! 

That’s why I will explain what it is and how it works to improve your Facebook ads. 

What is the Facebook Pixel? 

Do you know those cookies you accept each time you use a website? And then after you’ve visited that site, you’ve gone onto Facebook or Instagram and seen an ad from that brands website? Well, that’s it! 

The Facebook pixel is a piece of website code installed onto your website, allowing Facebook to track all the conversions made. It makes sure that your Facebook and Instagram ads are shown to the right people. 

Capturing this type of data is vital for when you want to start doing paid advertising or if you want to improve your ad performance. You can store the data and use it to ensure that you create effective ads that target people who have visited your website.

It might be easier if I showed you...

Recently, I visited the Manchester United Online Store, as I’ve been looking to buy the new Cristiano Ronaldo shirt.

Upon visiting the store, I initially got asked to accept cookies. 

Once I did, I had a look at the shirt and left the online store.

Later on, I logged onto my Facebook account to do my usual scrolling, only to be presented with an advert from the Manchester United page, with Cristiano Ronaldo. Although this ad is pushing their app it’s captured my interest in the club and the player allowing them to direct ads at me that I would most likely enjoy. 

This is a classic type of remarketing that Facebook pixel allows you to do. It’s a quick and easy way to remind potential customers of your brand after they have just engaged. 

Of course, you can create your Facebook ads to target various different objectives. For example, Manchester United could push more ads to customers who are about to buy the shirt online, by either offering a discount for online purchases or simply just reminding me that I still have the shirt in my basket. It’s like a magic tools for all business who want to expand their presence and sales online. 

I bet you’re wondering, is Facebook Pixel Free? Thankfully Yes! All you need is your install the piece of code to your website. There are various ways to do it, and in our Social Media Food Chain we discuss exactly how you can get this installed. 

If you have a Wordpress site, it’s as simple as adding a plugin onto your website, however if you have an html site that’s heavily coded it’s not that simple, unless you skilled with the art of coding. That’s where a professional website developer should help you! 

Facebook pixel is the best tool to get the most out of your Facebook ads. It can quickly transform your ad performance, however there are other factors to consider as to why your facebook ads aren’t converting

For more information on how to use Facebook Pixel, book a FREE review and our team of digital gurus will assist you!