The 4 Most Successful Platforms of 2019

Friday 10th of January 2020

2019 is over, so let's welcome 2020.

It's now the end of the decade that has been the biggest EVER for social media.
Don't say that it's not exciting to see how things have changed this year because so much has actually happened.

So, get ready for what we believe have been the top three successful platforms of the year!

From rising interface developments, trend increases, and an ever-growing social community, there has been no greater time to embrace new channels.

The best was brought, by 2019, in an abundance of ways?

4. Instagram

Instagram's success has been largely altered through influencer marketing within 2019.

There are more than 500,000 active influencers who encourage people to visit the platform and engage. While 68% of people have said that they visit to interact with creators and discover new products, the success of this platform has been truly unique to the user interests and who they follow. All of this is down to a new "product discovery" tool that allows brands to tag their products in a photo. This directly appears on the timeline of their followers.

What has limited Instagram's success has been how the amount of likes have started to become hidden. If you're an authentic influencer or marketer and have had the time to build a community of followers, then you will still get engagement so won't be affected highly.

It was an unexpected update but just try to gain a loyal following before this is fully enforced!

3. Facebook

Facebook has always been popular!

2.4 billion users is what makes Facebook the largest social media platform numerically, and it is still growing. Friendliness, informality and convenience are qualities that seem to have continued to attract people this year. 96% of these users access Facebook by mobile which is evidence that the company is continuing to optimize their service accessibility, plus the quality of their software on a lot of different devices.

We know that video marketing is becoming popular, and Facebook's appeal to easygoing content makes it the perfect place to advertise to people who are scrolling? Especially on mobile! This year 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound, so the recent implementation of subtitles has become a valued asset to the platform for users.

Small improvements, like this, are giving extra visibility to businesses as more people are becoming attracted to Facebook; a larger audience for B2C marketing! 67% of marketers have described this as their most important channel to reach customers, alongside Instagram, which Facebook also owns.

The Creator Studio has played a vital part in Facebook's success since the Instagram dashboard was introduced back in August. These platforms now share a creative space that applies convenience to make it an easy utility for users. We believe that this feature has popularised Facebook and Instagram because it is accessible to anyone with a business page.

2. TikTok

Out of all platforms within 2019, TikTok has certainly been the most successful in terms of platform growth and engagement. It has over 500 million monthly users with 188 million just this year. A large fraction of the original user base is carried through from when this platform was known as "" back in August this year.

Since then, it has now become the most downloaded app in the App Store that gets people hooked through short videos of entertainment that are user-generated. Dances, comedies and challenges are what makes up TikTok's binge-worthy content. 16 to 24 year olds make up a high percentage of this platform's demographic and this makes it ideal for marketers who target a younger audience!

It's so easy to see that TikTok has been successful this year due to its popularity and growth rate, but in regards to marketing, the opportunities could be very bountiful. Only 4% of marketers are actually active on TikTok therefore this means that there is such a large niche to market yourself into. That's one single reason, among the many, that gives away that this platform could potentially be even bigger in 2020 for organic marketing. Another reason is that paid advertisements don't exist on this platform either.

If you want to market on here, we recommend that you take advantage of TikTok's viral trends in the New Year!

1. LinkedIn

In relation to marketing growth and business, LinkedIn has had an extremely positive year and has been highly successful in more ways than one!

660 million LinkedIn users have become a rising number worldwide.
Not to mention that this adds to the 30 million company profiles that are in existence upon there too. For B2B Networking, LinkedIn has been responsible for generating 80% of the leads that flow from connections. The hot-spot of the year on this platform has been recruiting and employment. 90% of recruiters are present and contribute regularly to the 20 million jobs that are in circulation on there. We know that 57% of users are accessing everything on LinkedIn from their mobile which gives clues that employers have wanted to make their advertisements and content more visible in this past year.

A high amount of content (9 billion impressions) is seen weekly; this is part of what has made LinkedIn the most successful platform.

While it is known to be the start of the "voice search era", LinkedIn has slowly began to prioritise voice marketing, as natural language processing, over any articles as part of algorithm ranking. It's a mixture of this plus video marketing (again) that has improved this platform for the best. Long-form content, like video, is now being used to capture corporateness and company values. It is 20x more likely to be shared!

LinkedIn is developing in a revolutionary way. That's what makes it the most successful in terms of marketing and approach. It has everything that marketers need in one place.

We're excited to see how LinkedIn thrives within 2020 on top of seeing which other platforms will remain successful.

Our team wishes you a very happy New Year and the very best of luck with your goals!