SocialHub Quarter 1 2022: Social Media Planner

Thursday 20th of January 2022

Creating an impressive social media marketing plan doesn’t have to be painful. 

Through SocialHub, businesses of any size can get help in crafting a social media strategy that achieves goals and gets results. 

This blog post will share what happened at our recent SocialHub event and how we helped business owners create a winning social media plan. 

What happened in Quarter 1 2022 SocialHub? 

Over 100 business owners joined us to plan their social media marketing for the next 90 days. But this quarter, we had something special for our guests. We invited a guest speaker, Jon Asquith, a multi-award-winning business coach from ActionCOACH Sheffield and announced our new online course, SocialHub Academy!

The event started with our CEO, Rik Courtney presenting five valuable tips on social selling. 

Social selling is the practice of researching, connecting, and communicating with prospects and customers on social media networks to ultimately achieve sales goals. 

Rik highlighted tips on choosing the right social media platform, creating engaging content, how to make relevant connections and engage with them for attendees to practise the tips that Jon Asquith was going to touch on. 

Jon then presented game-changing sales processes that guarantee conversions across any business. He focused on the power of delivering value. But not just any value - value that people actually want to hear, despite whether it may seem non-essential. In fact, he actually mentioned just how important the non-essentials are in capturing your audience’s attention. The non-essentials make people feel heard. Something as simple as sending a postcard to a customer can have such a positive impact on sales.

Awards Ceremony

Rik then handed out awards to our clients to which he thought were the best deserving for the following: 

1) Best Social Transformation

Microlink, over the past three months, has shown a massive transformation across all of their platforms. 

2) Biggest Personal Improvement 

ActionCOACH Mansfield was given this award for their consistent devotion to content creation, social listening, content planning and outreach!

3) Best Marketing Campaign

PBS International deserved this award for implementing an outstanding marketing campaign that stood out in terms of creativity and application.

4) Greatest Social Media Growth 

J A Milton had once again received this award for the best social media growth in the last three months. 

5) Best Client Results in 90 Days

This award-winner came from Rik Courtney’s Business Blueprint, a new 12 week proven programme aimed to improve marketing success. Balanced Coaching in the last quarter has delivered amazing lead generation results from this course.

After the awards, people were split into breakout rooms with a digital guru and guided to create their own social media plan for the next 90 days. At any point, people are welcome to ask any questions regarding their social media strategy, and our digital gurus will offer their expert advice!

The event was highly successful for both ourselves and our clients as this time, not only did they walk away with a solid 90-day social media plan, but they also got amazing sales tips from the best in business!

From the Be More Social Team, we’d like to thank everyone for joining us. 

We look forward to the next SocialHub 2022 Quarter 2 as we introduce our next guest speaker, Amelia Sordell. She is the founder of the personal branding business Klowt. She has built this into a six-figure business in just 18 months. She believes that personal brands foster trust and provide market power. She currently has over 80,000 LinkedIn followers.

Amelia will talk about her path and how you can create a personal brand to help your business thrive at the next SocialHub event!

Book your tickets whilst there is still space!