SocialHub: Quarter 4 Social Media Planning

Friday 8th of October 2021

Are you tired of not knowing what to post on your social media profiles? Or you simply just don’t have the time? 

For most business owners, this is a common problem. There are simply just not enough hours in the day to spend time thinking of a powerful social media strategy that works. 

That’s why our team at Be More Social started the SocialHub, which is a quarterly social media plan. 

What is SocialHub? 

Every quarter, we round up our team of digital gurus and hungry business owners ready to plan their social media strategy.

The key to social media success is having a plan of action. That’s why we help people each quarter to navigate it for FREE.

What happened in the Quarter 4 SocialHub event? 

Over 140 business owners joined us to plan their social media for the next 90 days in only two hours. 

The event started with our CEO, Rik Courtney presenting how business owners and marketers need to consider their Buyer’s Journey to create social media campaigns following the art, science and psychology framework of social media. 

Ultimately, this presentation sets the stage for an effective social media plan. 

By highlighting the importance of the buyer’s journey, which is the path that leads customers to a purchase, business owners and marketers can start to put themselves in the minds of their customers. This will help them understand their value proposition and focus on what they need to market their products or services to guarantee sales. 

The art, science and psychology framework of social media marketing equips people with the tools they need to bring their marketing campaigns to life. 

After the presentation, guests were welcomed to ask any questions and share their thoughts on what they had learned. Clients shared their experience on how the SocialHub has helped them keep doing what they love to do and shed light on new perspectives that were gained on how they can market their business on social media. 

Awards Ceremony

Our digital guru, Elliot Ghali, then gave out awards to our clients to which he thought were the best deserving for the following awards: 

1) Best Social Transformation

JA Milton Upholstery was awarded this for their fantastic effort in rebranding their business and exploring new opportunities beyond Facebook and Instagram by starting outreach on LinkedIn. 

2) Biggest Personal Improvement 

Owen Jones from Northampton was given this award for his dedication to creating content, applying social listening, and planning his social media for his fitness coaching business ahead of time. 

3) Best Marketing Campaign

Feelwells Dog Treats was awarded for their amazing marketing campaigns and courage to take on new digital marketing tools such as Facebook advertising and Google Ads. 

4) Greatest Social Media Growth 

Allister Malcolm Glass, winning their third award, was awarded for consistently showing up every week to help move their social media marketing forward. Through our guidance, the company has seen tremendous growth on their TikTok videos, with over 130K views just on one of them. 

After the awards, people were split into breakout rooms with a digital guru and guided through their social media planner. At any point, people are welcome to ask any questions regarding their social media strategy, and our digital gurus will offer their expert advice!

The event was a huge success and a massive milestone for Be More Social as it celebrated its first year since its inception. Despite having 140 people join the event, we registered over 250 tickets! 

From the Be More Social Team, we’d like to thank every one of you for joining us. We look forward to the next SocialHub in 2022, which will help business owners kickstart the new year. 

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