Our Top 5 Instagram Engagement Hacks

Friday 2nd of July 2021

Instagram is one of the most powerful tools in social media marketing, with around one billion active users. For businesses, this is a massive potential to reach and engage with their target audience. 

With great power comes great responsibility, and boosting engagement on Instagram can be tricky! But that’s why we are going to share 5 top Instagram hacks we teach our clients every day through our Social Media Food Chain.

What is engagement?

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares
  • Saves
  • Followers
  • Mentions (tagged or untagged)
  • Hashtags
  • Click-throughs
  • Direct Messages

All of these are used as metrics to determine your engagement rate. Ultimately, it helps Instagram prioritise content that you interested in. 

You’ll want to make sure that you get your audience to perform these actions on your page so that you always pop up on their feed.

Here are 5 Instagram tips for small businesses to increase engagement:

Digital Guru Tip: Reply to your comments! Don?t ever leave your audience hanging. Responding opens up the conversation and shows that you?re not just trying to sell.

1) Ask for Comments 

Comments need to be part of your social media strategy! Invite your audience to engage with your posts. It’s a great way to start a conversation with them and get your page more active. 

The best way to encourage comments in a post is to create eye-catching images or videos with a powerful caption following the AIDA formula. An example could go something like this: 

  •  Your first line needs to get your audience hooked. The best way to do this is by asking a question? Or how about make an exciting announcement? Better yet, why not share an interesting industry fact?
  • Share a story but not just any story. Share one that highlights your audiences pain points and interests. 
  • Just simply ask the question outright! Ask them to comment and share their thoughts or anything that will motivate them to respond to your post! You can get really creative here and make it a fun experience for your audience. 

2) Send Direct Messages

It never hurt to pop a message to your followers. I know it seems pretty pushy, and at times it can be daunting, but as the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.” 

It’s a fantastic networking opportunity that you can’t miss!

What you could do is start with sending a Direct Message to people who have actively engaged with your posts. That way, you’ll have more confidence in sending a message knowing that they are interested in what your business has to offer. 

3) Create Carousel Posts 

Carousel posts on Instagram prove to be engagement magnets time and time again. Actually, carousel posts are proving to work wonders on all social media platforms. 

According to a study conducted by Social Insider, carousel posts on Instagram perform better than single images and videos as they bring higher engagement. As a reader swipes to view more, this counts as engagement! 

4) Saves 

I bet if you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably bookmarked a few carousel posts, which are typically shared as tips, guides, and inspiration, which you know will come in handy later. 

If someone saves your post, it tells Instagram that they are interested in what you have to offer. 

It boosts engagement rate purely because the person would like to see your post more than once, adding it to a folder where they can easily find it again. 

It’s basically telling Instagram that your content is worth saving! 

So, it’s definitely worth asking your audience to “Save your post for later.”

5) Stories: Question Stickers & Polls

You need to be active on Instagram Stories as well! 

500 million people use Instagram Stories every day! Why? For businesses, stories offer excellent opportunities to reach and connect with your target audience and encourage engagement! 

An easy way to increase Instagram engagement is Question Stickers and Polls.

Asking a question gets people to interact with your brand directly! When using question stickers, don’t forget to repost replies!

A poll is a fun and quick trick to boost engagement. You give your audience two choices: either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ or whatever you imagine fits!

6) Post Videos

Carousel posts are more engaging, but let’s be honest, who does not watch videos on any social media channel? It is undoubtedly engaging and entertaining!

It helps showcase your authenticity and show your business and what it has to offer more entertainingly from a brand perspective. 

You can either post short videos, Reels, or longer videos uploaded to IGTV. 

Your videos don’t have to be Hollywood ready, and you can simply use your phone to record one. Here are our top 5 tips for filming on your phone. 

We hope you enjoyed our short course on Instagram engagement. 

It’s no doubt that getting the engagement you want can be more challenging than it looks. 

Still, following these steps, combined with consistency, will eventually start to see actionable results. 

In our Social Media Food Chain, we teach you all there is to know on how to optimise your social media platforms to achieve ROI. 

If you’re looking for more Instagram tips for business, watch this video!