Is there a Social Media Review in Santa's bag for you?

Friday 20th of December 2019

2019 is coming to a close and December is opening the door to Santa.

Have you been naughty or nice?

A social media review means that you are effectively assessing your strategy, progress and results across all your social profiles comparing them to your goals and business plan.

In this blog, our walk-through review covers those small things that you can check for, at home, within the festive holidays. Even if you don't have a strategy or a solid social media presence, it's an eye-opener for how we hope you can apply yourself onto social more effectively.

The truth is that it can be difficult to know where to start. But analysing your social media platforms does need to be a regular occurrence every 3, 6 and 12 months.

We've made this easier in the form of a daily guide as a final countdown to Christmas!

Perfect the balance between significant value and posting at the right time to ensure results.

Day 1: Friday 20th December 2019

Are you present on platforms with updated information?

Double-check your whereabouts on platforms! See what platforms you're using and if your business has any inactive accounts. Keep things MINIMAL. Have one account on each platform. You should have the relevant brand information updated onto each platform, so people know who you are, and what your business offers. Are you even including your website URL too?

Day 2: Saturday 21st December 2019

Is your content and branding both relevant and consistent?

Your profile should be fully branded and have updated profile and cover photos. Are the images that you're using also relevant to your service? See if they are recognised clearly on smaller device screens across the different platforms, not just on a desktop. Is the consistency there?

Day 3: Sunday 22nd December 2019

How much do you actually know about your audience?

Is your target market something that you think about before you broadcast a post? It's good to think about who your ideal audience (for your business) is in terms of demographics. Use analytics on platforms to track the demographics of your real audience? Do any patterns align to your target market? What type of person are they? Your insight learnt from this can be applied to HOW you try to reach your target audience. If you're making links here and trying new things, your socials will thrive.

Day 4: Monday 23nd December 2019

Have you been keeping track of your performance?

Keep tabs on how consistently you're posting. Every few days? Or every week? Is your content the same on each platform? If it's a regularity that people are getting used to, this can both be good or bad. The last thing your audience needs is content fatigue from your over-posting. Having the perfect balance between offering enough value on content as well as posting at the right time is what guarantees results. Are the results not what you want? You could have missed something.

Day 5: Tuesday 24th December 2019/Christmas Eve

Have you got any idea of what works best for you?

Some content works better than others, but you can't reach your audience without it. Have you been analysing the engagement of posts? If so, you're one step ahead. Content with the most engagement can give you clues on how to plan your next move. A regular analysis provides consistent data. You need to know how to apply these findings in the right way! Budgets and timing affect this depending upon the type of content and how it is repurposed.

Day 6: Tuesday 25th December 2019/Christmas

You know where you're at? But where is your competitor?

BONUS: If you're up to date with your progress and goals, have you thought about how you can improve in other ways? Does your business? social platforms incorporate something inspired by the competition? Take note of what they're doing that you aren't and if it's successful. If they try something that is ineffective, you will know not to try this as it will have poor performance. Use your initiative if you haven't already.

Our social Santa has hopefully guided you through what you needed to do? There is no right or wrong answer as there will always be room for improvement! BeMoreSocial's vision for you is that you now know more about where your social platforms are at, or you simply know more than you did before.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas from the whole of our team! Drop a comment if you feel like your business has more potential after reading this?