How to Stay Connected with your Remote Team

Thursday 18th of June 2020

The office environment has an impact on your employees. When friendships and connections are formed, people feel more comfortable in their environment meaning they are more likely to spread and share their knowledge. A comfortable office environment can help people to excel in their job.

So you may be wondering how to maintain this whilst working from home. Well, here at Be More Social we believe that the way to maintain this is through a strong and connected team.

Good communication is key

A connected team is a strong team and there are many different ways to keep them connected.

We start every morning with an entire team meeting in which we tell each other how the previous day went and what we have on the agenda for the current day. We recommend doing this because it helps to reinforce that team environment. Even though you aren?t physically seeing your work colleagues throughout your working day, at least you started it with them. Starting your days like this allows you to stay up to date with what your colleagues are working on.

We also recommend a Whatsapp group chat. A group chat lets you stay in constant contact with your team throughout the working day. Team members can quickly pop any queries onto the chat and someone will be able to answer them. Also your Whatsapp group doesn?t have to be professional all the time. As well as asking each other work related questions, we also send (appropriate) memes and funny TikToks to help keep morale up.

Keeping up Morale

Maintaining a strongly connected remote team is all about maintaining and boosting morale. Having a high morale in the workplace is always important, regardless of location, as it leads to higher levels of productivity.

There are many ways that you can boost morale whilst working remotely such as:

  • Playing ice-breaker games with your team on a video call at the end of the day. You could play a guess who style game where you have to answer trivia questions based on fun facts about your colleagues. Games like this help you to get to know your colleagues on a more personal level and learning more about them can help you to understand how they work.
  • Create a team playlist! Your team can add all their favourite songs and play it whilst they're working at home. It will also get them excited for when they can be back in the office and are able to listen to it together.

Maintaining that friendly work environment is what can help to keep your team feeling connected. It can help to ensure that comfort levels remain high so that people can work to the best of their abilities from their homes.