How to Implement a Social Media Campaign

Wednesday 8th of July 2020

On last week's blog we shared with you how to build a social media campaign. Today we are going to show you how to implement it.

Implementing your campaign isn't as simple as clicking share on Facebook. There are a variety of different factors you need to think about when constructing your implementation plan. A campaign is a reflection of your brand so you need to ensure that the implementation fits in with your style and who you are.

A campaign is a reflection of your brand.

It's time to put your campaign into action.

A Little Help From a Friend

When you implement your campaign you want it to garner attention from the moment you broadcast it. A great way to ensure exposure is by getting an influencer involved. You may be thinking that an influencer will cost too much but that?s not necessarily the case. You don?t need an influencer with millions of followers to endorse your campaign, but rather a local one who is in an industry that is relevant to yours. Having an influencer endorse your campaign allows you to leverage their shine and have their audience come to you. This being said, an influencer isn't an absolute essential in launching your campaign, but they can help to boost attention and support surrounding it.

Teaser Trailer

Before you officially launch the campaign, consider teasing little snippets around it. You can use graphics hinting at what you're about to launch accompanied with captions such as ?We?ve got something special to share with you??. Creating a sense of mystery around your campaign helps to create intrigue within your audience. This intrigue is what will make people pay attention to your campaign because they are going to want to know what it is that you?re launching. The build up and creating excitement is an essential part of launching a campaign.

Slide into DMs

No no we don?t mean it like that. By ?slide?, we mean that you should send your followers a message detailing what your new campaign is all about. This may not work for every industry but consider if it could work for yours. This tactic could definitely work for a smaller business that has a loyal following online. When constructing the message be sure to give details about your campaign and the date in which it will be up and running. This direct format adds a personal touch and plants the seed into your followers minds that they will soon be receiving information that will benefit them.

Optimise Your Platforms

When the time comes to click post, you need to be aware of which social media sites you?ll be clicking it on. There?s no point only posting to Instagram if you?re active on multiple social media platforms. You need to optimise all platforms, regardless of whether you?re following may differ between them, because a campaign is all about reach. Putting your campaign on all your socials increases the reach and the chance of it being seen by someone who isn't already following you. It's all about spreading your message in as many different formats as possible.

Schedule Posts

The final step is, of course, posting your campaign across your platforms. The best way to stay organised when posting to multiple platforms is by scheduling your posts. A campaign requires consistency so you need to think about when you want to post your campaign.

Also, it's important to note that different platforms require different scheduling tools:

  • Facebook prefers that you use its own tool: 'Creator Studio?.
  • Instagram is owned by Facebook so you will also need to use 'Creator Studio? for this site.
  • Twitter has its own tool too and it?s called 'Tweet Deck'.
  • LinkedIn allows you to use 'Hootsuite' to post graphics but if you?re posting different types of content, like a video, then you have to post manually to the site.

When building and implementing a campaign you should ultimately be portraying who you are as a brand and a business. Take care in the whole process to ensure that you produce the most effective campaign that accurately reflects on you as a brand.