How to generate leads on social media

Friday 21st of May 2021

Social media is the most valuable lead generation tool if used correctly. 

Marketers worldwide actually say it’s one of the main reasons why they use social media.

But how would you use social media for prospecting and lead generation?

1) Have a great offer 

Not just any offer, but you need to create one that your potential customers can’t resist. It would be best if you had an offer that will grab their attention and give them what they want. That way, prospects will freely share their details with you. 

Best way to achieve this? Make it a personalised offer that you’re audience can’t turn down. Think about all the offers that you’ve refused to turn down. Was it a FREE sample? Or a 50% discount? 

For example, we offer a FREE Social Media Review. For anyone looking to boost their social media, this is great. Why? Because they will get an expert analysis on their social media performance and get strategies on how to improve.

My point is, the right incentive will compel the right people - the people you need to grow your business. 

2) Share testimonials

Testimonials help establish your authority in your niche. They give you the social proof you need to score new leads. 


By broadcasting honest, authentic reviews from real people will give potential customers the trust they need to share their information with you. 

It’s one of the best ways to generate leads. Testimonials are unbiased and don’t come across as a sales pitch, which is why it works so well. People like to hear honest feedback from those who have tried, tested and loved a product or service.

It also shapes your value proposition, helping you consistently align your business operations to your niche’s needs and, most importantly, assist with social media lead generation. 

Here’s an example of an excellent client testimonial: 

3) Invest in paid ads

Paid ads help drive your offer to your ideal customers. Through direct targeting, your offer will literally land in the palm of their hands.

You’ll need to dip into your pocket and spend a few quid. But once you see the ROI, it will be worth it. 

From lead generation ads to retargeting ads, social media advertising will land you the leads you need to convert them into sales. 

However, if you don’t set them up correctly, your budget will go down the toilet. So, be careful! Before setting up any social media ads, watch this video.

4) Host a Virtual Event 

A virtual event is excellent for attracting relevant leads. Webinars are one of the best opportunities for lead generation and a perfect way to educate, entertain, and inspire potential customers about your business. 

By sharing valuable information on topics that relate to your expertise, you’ll not only establish yourself as a thought leader in the industry, but you’ll also generate purposeful content that you can use on your social media platforms. 

As people register to join the event, you’ll receive their contact information, building a list of potential leads. Virtual events are a great lead magnet, but your leads won’t buy into your business there are then. 

The key is to follow up with your leads. That’s where the conversion really happens. Now that you have their information, all you need to do is pop an email or ring them up and sell your offer. The probability you’ll convert is high, as they have already shown interest by attending your virtual event. 

Now, go and get those leads.

Focus on these highly effective strategies for b2b and b2c lead generation, and you’ll get profitable results. In fact, social media will be the best lead magnet you’ll ever have. 

But, don’t forget to nurture your leads by entertaining, educating and inspiring them! 

We teach business owners to generate and nurture leads with simple, easy to follow tools and strategies that have proven to work.

If you’d like more advice on how to generate leads through social media, why not book a FREE Social Media Review and let our experts show you.