How to Cope Against Coronavirus: 3 Useful Tips For Your Business

Thursday 26th of March 2020

If Coronavirus has been straining your business, ask yourself, what have you done about it?
Now isn't a time to lose customers, lose relationships, or lose your business.
Instead, it is time to innovate and adapt to what comes next.

Our advice to you is to benefit from some easy changes, that may just help you over this unpredicted bump in the road, and protect your progress in the long-term.

You need to know that your audience is now online - social media activity is BOOMING.
Staying with your audience on social is what will keep your business relevant.

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By being digital, what do we mean?

1. Effective Communication

It's SO important that you don't let relationships slip away. This could easily happen, especially if you have a service that relies on seeing customers on a daily basis (E.g hairdressing, or gardening). Your audience definitely won't have you at the front of their mind without regular reminders. So TALK to them. Be where they are - on social media channels...

Notify your customers with your business updates on your social media, through email or on your website. Engage with relevant online conversations in your industry, specifical lookout for relevant trending topics.

Make yourself relatable. See if you can identify audience needs and respond to these proactively and fast.
Offer value, and create engaging content to generate interest.

2. Video / Conference Meetings

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone knows about it. Set yourself up with a video conference system, don't let your business systems and procedures fail, just because you think that meetings can't go ahead. Video conferencing isn't technically face to face, but it still gives a personal feel to a conversation. Replace boring phone calls with video calls for team meetings, customer encounters plus webinars. Try using Whatsapp video or Facetime calls to connect with your employees.

Webinars will easily gain views so be strategic and creative.
It's your opportunity to host an event online or even plan a series - Educate, Entertain and Inspire people about your product or service!

Make your live stream, or webinar, industry orientated by showing people tips and hacks, or even walkthroughs of activities they can do while self-distancing. These need to be regular to give your audience something to look forward to.

3. Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Groups are where the community hangs out!
Set up a Facebook group for your clients, customers or audience today.

Hosting a social media group, or joining one is what builds your network and gets you recognised. Again, you need "effective communication" in these groups.

Treat your own LinkedIn or Facebook group, for your existing clients or customers, as a base to work from. Your audience, and new prospects, can all join this group and it is where you can offer more in-depth value, compared to your other posts.

They can be made private to members - on Facebook, depending upon if you want to attract more people. LinkedIn groups are more appropriate to be used to share your value proposition with like-minded people, so propose in-demand questions and give others' interesting, unique answers. The secret, to both, is to contribute to the conversation and generate discussion.