How Facebook Ads Help Businesses Grow

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

Are you wondering if Facebook advertising is the best strategy to boost your marketing efforts? 

With over two billion active users worldwide and over 51 million of those being from the UK, it’s no wonder you’re thinking about it. Facebook has become the most used social media platform, making it the most powerful marketing tool for businesses big and small.

Facebook ads help businesses every day to achieve bottom-line results and more in the most cost-effective way. 

That’s why in this post, I’ll show how they help by touching on the benefits of Facebook ads for businesses. 

1) Build Brand Awareness

Organic reach has a limit. Whilst posting consistently is vital to reaching a new audience and maintaining a connection with existing customers, Facebook advertising helps raise awareness of your business and grows your online presence quickly and effectively. 

One of the oldest marketing rules, we refer to “The Rule of Seven”, which suggests that people need to see your brand or advertisement at least seven times to remember it and take action to buy your product or service. However, with the mass overload of information and competitors online, you’d probably need to be seen a bit more than seven times. 

So with that being said, Facebook advertising can help you achieve this in no time. 

2) Reach The Right Audience

Get annoyed when you’re family on constantly on their phones? Digital accessibility is at an all-time high, and Facebook advertising can help your business be seen exactly where your customers are.

Thanks to detailed targeting through tools such as the Facebook Pixel, Lookalike audiences and optimising campaigns through Ads Manager, it’s never been easier to find new customers that will convert. 

Facebook advertising allows you to target your ideal customers. You can target people by location, age, gender, interest, demographics and connections. 

So not only will can you generate new leads and drive more sales, but you will also be finding people who are most likely to become loyal customers. 

3) Budget-Friendly

Facebook ads accommodate all budgets. You get to choose advertising objectives based on your needs. Simply adjust your ad budget pause or stop as your finances fluctuate. 

If you’re still hesitant and worried that you’re going to blow your advertising budget on Facebook advertising, you can set up a spending limit for each ad campaign. 

Facebook ads can drive big results on small budgets. All you need to do is ensure that you optimise your Facebook ads properly. 

In this video below, Rik Courtney explains how to improve your Facebook ad performance.

4) Measure Your Performance

Every ad created and run can be measured through your insights and analytics in Ads Manager. As you measure the performance of your ads, you start to understand which campaigns were effective so that you can align future campaigns to the success of the previous campaigns to drive better results.

This can also be filtered into your organic posts. It helps to give a better idea of how a larger audience engages with your content. By identifying what people would like can help you tailor your marketing strategy and generate relevant content ideas. 

Facebook advertising is the leading marketing tool that helps all businesses drive profitable results. 

If you need Facebook ad support, let one of our team members help you. Book a FREE Social Media Review. We’ll create a tailored strategy for your business!