How a Buyer Persona Can Help You Market Better

Thursday 18th of March 2021

If you're trying to market your business, the term "buyer persona" has probably come up, but you don't even know what that is, where to start or understand how it will help market your business. Well, answer this question, and then you'll know if you need one. 

Do you genuinely know your potential customers? Of course, you have some idea of who they are because your product or service solves their problems, but have you ever thought about what their days are like and the challenges they face? Or how they make decisions? Basically, do you know what makes them who they are? It may sound like private investigator tactics, but it’s not, we promise! It is a simple market research method that’s often missed.

What is a buyer persona? 

A buyer persona (also known as customer persona, audience persona or marketing persona) is a detailed profile that describes your ideal customer. It's not actually a real customer, but this is a fictional person.

A business can have one or multiple buyer personas. For example, if your ideal customer is not the only person involved in the purchase decision of your product or service, then you need to create a persona for each of those people.

You'll imagine this fictional character as a real person, giving them a name, and even a face if you like, demographic details, interests, background and behavioural traits. The idea is to then speak to this person(s) when creating targeted social media content to entertain, educate and inspire them. Imaginary friends can be helpful, after all! 

Why is it important?

This exercise will help you identify your value proposition to create a social media marketing strategy that works. It will also align your product and service offering to your ideal customer's needs, which will allow you to create effective marketing campaigns.

People only choose businesses they trust, and this is an excellent way for you to build trust by showing your genuine understanding and concern for them. It will continually centre your business operations to meet the requirements of your customers. 

Buyer Persona Template: 

It's time to use your imagination and create an ideal customer! Ask yourself who they are by writing out this template: 

- Name: 
- Age:
- Gender:
- Location: 
- Career: 
- Interests: 
- Language:
- Goals & Challenges:
- Fears:

Gather Data 

To make your ideal customer more realistic, study reviews of products and services similar to yours. Including these actual points found will help you create a powerful social media marketing strategy that's directed to what your ideal customers would want to hear. 

Social Media is another tool for you to get to know your ideal customer even better by seeing how they engage on the platforms you use for marketing.

At this point, you probably know your potential customers better than yourself! What's even better is you've probably realised that you could make some valuable changes to your business model and marketing strategy. Now, all you have to do is picture your ideal customer whenever you try to market your business. 

Without a Buyer Persona, your online marketing will be transparent to your ideal audience. Understand them better, and your marketing campaigns will generate leads and sales. 

Discovering who your ideal customer is a subject we cover in our Social Media Food Chain - a curriculum we teach to over 100 business owners every day, as we believe nobody knows your business better than you do. Not only do we teach them, but we also assist them in creating effective social media strategies to get them the leads they need. 

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