Here Are Our Top Tips for Social Media Planning That Will Improve Your Brand Awareness

Friday 7th of February 2020

2020 brings focus to our pillar process! This will get you to where you want to be.

January's pillar has been all about how a structured approach is what you need to market your business with success. You may or may not know that this is all down to the foundations of your social media strategy. These should be both reliable and adaptable.

To know how to create a social media strategy, and to keep it bulletproof, you need to look in the right places visually. Use a mind map. They?re fast and so easy to make time for.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

Think and visualise. Define you.

  • WHAT is it that you offer?
  • WHAT are your business goals for 2020?
  • WHO is your target audience?
  • WHAT sets you apart from the competition?
  • Be smart by using SMART targets here.
  • Don?t forget to set your benchmarks and list your KPI?s!

Staying in tune with who you are, and what your business stands for, this is what boosts your motivation and drive.

Referring back to this spider diagram is what will keep your content on track when you're ready to learn how to plan social media posts like a professional.

But what can you do to plan ahead for your social media engagement?
It's all down to your target audience - think about what their desires are.
By knowing what they want, you easily give them value and a reason to engage!

To do this, use a second mind map.
Identify what it is, that you offer, that contributes to your business? USP?
Know what makes your customers buy from you!
Your audience wants to know what's in it for them.

Think about all the ways to benefit your community...

  • Does what you offer solve any problems?
  • Can you target their struggles? HOW?
  • What value are they gaining? Tailor it to their dilemmas.

Your main marketing social media strategy should always relate back to your audience.
Try using Audiense to find and segment a new target audience.

Stating any struggles that your audience has, and giving your own solution, actually ensures that you're on the way to reaching your target audience and you give the desired value in a post.

We think that a mind map or spider diagram really puts a view onto what you want to know.

Likewise, the perspective you gain is quickly formulated; giving you more free time.

So...Use it for extra insight!
A competitor analysis can be given in the very same way. All that's needed is a study of their services and benefits in comparison to your own.

Even if you don't use a mind map to summarise your findings, anything that you outline about them can still give you a kick to improve your business ideas and social media approach! Inspiration, concepts plus pros and cons are all great references to be taken.

Who knew that the fundamental basics for finding your feet could all be in a spider diagram?
They're fun, functional and can be done faster as part of a team!

There are many strategies for brand awareness that can be put together from what you discover? Plan a route from here!

A few examples are?

  • LinkedIn marketing strategies.
  • A Facebook ads strategy.
  • Marketing strategies for b2b.

Digital marketing for small business has never been made easier. Get a head start.
If this has helped, leave a comment below!