Free Social Media Plan: The SocialHub

Thursday 8th of April 2021

If anyone gets it, we do - trust me. We understand that managing a social media page can be tough. Making sure you have the right social media marketing strategy for your business can leave you feeling overwhelmed. 

The worst is being sat there thinking, “how am I going to manage my social media pages effectively, with so much to do and so little time?”. 

Something that seemed so simple turns out to be anything but that. Then you start to ask, “Can it really be that difficult to manage a social media page?” Absolutely!, but it’s not impossible...

That’s why I would like to introduce you to the most valuable, free social media marketing plan that’s worked for over 100 businesses to date. 

It will help you market better whilst saving you time! - introducing The SocialHub - 90 Day Social Media Planning. 

What is the SocialHub? 

The SocialHub is a free webinar event that helps businesses in the UK plan their social media marketing for the next 90 days. It happens every quarter, so if you’ve missed out on the latest one, don’t worry!

What can I expect? 

You’ll be part of a webinar where businesses learn expert social media skills from our CEO Rik Courtney who has 27 years of marketing experience. He has used Social Media for marketing since its inception! 

Our Digital Guru’s Ben and Elliot will also join. They will all teach you the Art, Science, Psychology of Social Media!

Not only will you learn from industry experts, but you’ll learn what other businesses are doing to improve their social media marketing. 

You’ll also network with other businesses - a great opportunity, especially in the new world we live in. 

Event Breakdown 

10:00 - 11:00 

You’ll be welcomed in by Ben & Elliot, who will invite you to ask any questions you may have regarding your social media. 

Rik will then join and introduce you to the SocialHub by discussing:

- Motivational Practises 

- Best Social Media Strategies

- Content Marketing Ideas

- Strategies for Each Social Media Platform.

11:00 - 12:00

The awards ceremony recognises four businesses who’ve attended our SocialHub events and strived to reach their goals. The awards will be on: 

1) The Biggest Transformation

2) The Biggest Improvement 

3) The Best Marketing Campaign 

4) The Fastest Growing Platform

We then recognise our team behind the scenes of Be More Social by announcing the Employee of The Quarter, which our team members vote.

After the awards, the webinar is divided into three groups, guided by Rik, Ben and Elliot where they will: 

- Discuss key dates to keep your audience educated, entertained and inspired through our current climate.

- Outline effective social media strategies and content ideas.

- Help you understand your value proposition

- Set SMART Goals.

- Introduce you to the 90 Day Planning Sheet and help you tailor it to your business goals.

At any time, you are welcome to ask anything about social media - they’ll give you the answers you need!

How will it help me? 

1) You will have a tailor-made Social Media Marketing Plan for the next 90 days sorted. 

2) You’ll learn new social media skills and tools to market better.

3) Save yourself time to focus on other aspects of your business.

4) Get expert marketing guidance and support.

5) You will network with businesses across the country.

6) Learn tried and tested strategies for your social media marketing.

7) Give you the confidence to post regularly to achieve ROI.

It’s easy to get stressed out from all the effort needed to make social media work, but it’s like a walk in the park once you understand it. 

That’s why we are here to get your feet moving. By showing you how to make social media simple by planning your next 90 days effectively, we’ll give you the strategy and skills proven to convert. 

The next SocialHub - 90 Day Social Media Planning is tomorrow, so if your diary is free from 10 am-12 pm BST, book your slot now.