Content Personalisation - The New Must Do for your Business!

Wednesday 5th of August 2020

Content personalisation is all about creating that personal touch.

It signals to a customer that you care about providing them with a product or service that is beneficial to them and not just your bank account. It shows to them that you care about their concerns and are a genuine priority to them.

It's all about creating content about them for them.

The modern day consumer has become more conscious of where they spend their money. People often spend their money on products and services that are relevant to them (91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers that are relevant to them) and are more likely to give their money to a company that shows they value their customers (80% of customers are more likely to purchase a product or service from a brand who provides personalised experiences).

Based on these statistics, your business really can't afford to be missing out on this content tactic.
Personalised content is what your customers want and what your business needs.

So you may be thinking about how to personalise your content, well the first step is to collect data. In order to add a personal touch you need to know who you are directing your content towards and be aware of what it is that they want to see.

One of the ways to collect data is to check the insights and analytics you gather from your website. Do you ask people to provide some contact information when they arrive on your website or make a purchase? If so you can use this information to create personalised content. But remember, when someone hands over their data to you they are doing it out of trust - so be sure to respect this and not abuse the data you collect. Also understanding who your buyer persona is will help you to better understand how a customer would want content to be personalised for them.

Once you have the relevant information you have to put it into action.
The way you incorporate personalised content into your regular content can be done in subtle ways.

Including your customer's name at the start of the email is an easy thing for you to do but makes a world of difference for a customer - it makes them feel seen as a person rather than just another number in your list. Another option would be to think about what you can personally offer your customers; a discount or receiving a free item on their birthday is a perk they will remember.

Essentially the purpose of content personalisation is to recognise the role that your customer plays in your business - without them, you wouldn't have a business to run.