Three Ways To Be Creative With Content

Friday 13th of December 2019

As consumers, we already know that social media is all about engaging, interacting and communicating with others.

What our team loves about this is that it is a great way of both reaching out and connecting with new people across platforms.

But what is it that makes you likeable and relatable?

The simplest way that we describe content marketing is that it tells the story of your business. Adding value alongside promoting your products and services which in turn gives you leads of which you can re-market too.

True art is characterised by an irresistable urge in the creative artist


The intention of content is to promote your brand or business. To stimulate interest. Here are three ways you can be creative with content:

1. Being creative with Visual Content

  • This is anything and everything from video, to images, to graphics and templates.
    Mix it up! There are so many ways to apply yourself here.
  • You can educate and inform an audience about a product by offering expertise, giving reviews, and demonstrating tutorials.
  • Audiences gain an understanding from videos because they are easy to consume and they are more entertaining than static content.

All of these ways are great for building trust between a brand and a target audience. Viewers are able to gage the persona behind the brand and recognise your business easily.

So, use this as a chance to brand yourself! Keep things simple.

2. Being creative with Audio Content

  • Known as podcast content. Openly embrace discussions, conversations, and tell your story. This is where your experiences and case studies are incredibly valuable.
  • Implement your creativity and expertise by including guests or discussing a popular topic to make episodes motivational and encouraging.
  • To cultivate the success of your audio content try to think about how podcasts will help your business to thrive passionately in the long-term.

3. Being creative with Written Content

  • Channel your creative gene here to get over your evasion of writing out of the way. You have to love what you do to write about what you do.
  • Being long-winded or waffling on is never expected! Anything from a short blog post or a LinkedIn article is enough for anyone to consume so just write in the way most suited to you.
  • Remember to give a personal touch and be expressive about your wisdom. People will read because they will want to be educated. Be honest and offer perspective by making written content the answer to their questions.
  • From us to you; just think that this could be your voice or your outlet to being social on social media

The final thing to know is that it is way easier to visualise and see content marketing in action to understand how it works?

The example we are giving you is our very own Christmas campaign.

Our hope is that it will inspire your progression and growth.

Here we have used content marketing to formulate a campaign called "12 Days of Christmas"

We'd like you to monitor how it works.

Take it in. Then apply it yourself.