An Introverts Guide to being social on Social Media

Friday 6th of December 2019

If you're someone who tends to be shy and cautious in nature, then our hope is that this blog will help you discover your voice on social media, both personally and for your business.

It's officially the first week of December and everyone here at the Be More Social office is very excited!

December for us isn't just a time of being festive and celebrating, we see it as another special occasion to be even more creative on top of what we already are!

However, this is all about being confident approaching new people, thinking outside of the box and stepping out of our comfort zones to try something new.

We're all about taking risks.

But, it has come to our attention that not everyone is prepared to do this at the same pace and has a unique personality. It is part of our brand culture to understand this.

These qualities are defined as being a part of an introverted personality; a very normal occurrence that you will learn more about.

Some traits of this personality type can naturally affect any business tasks that a person is involved with.

For example, if you're often quiet, reserved and low-key, you may find that it can be harder to communicate with people (clients, prospects and even colleagues) and reach out.

Feeling like this or being the centre of attention can create discomfort or add pressure.

Maybe this could be why you may find it hard to set boundaries or say no to people?

From our own knowledge we want to share how social media is an ideal outlet and can be the same for other introverts as well.

Here is how social media can help you as an introvert;

  • You can approach people, using short bursts, at your own pace.
  • Interaction with people in person can feel stressful and use more energy if you're not ready or feel like you want to withdraw. Social media relieves this as you are in control of your own how and when of communicating with others.
  • It's an alternative way of educating people and learning from others as a comfortable approach can be pre-planned.
  • No identity has to be revealed, unlike how it is when you are communicating face-to-face in person. It is your choice, on social media, if you want to be present in photographs, videos and even podcasts.

Through the power of social, and staying in your comfort zone, you won't even realise that your confidence is naturally increasing because there is no pressure.

Yet, applying your business to social media is still a whole other scenario that you need to get comfortable with too. There are so many ways of doing this?

LinkedIn: Blogs/long articles are the best form of content for introverts, on here, because it is a chance to express skill and expertise. Linked In's written content is beneficial because it is personal to you and it means that you can offer your own perspective on any corporate matter; all to an extent that is enjoyable for you.

Instagram: Ideal to visually display your products/service. The format on this platform is what makes it creative and convenient for you (photos, video ? whatever you feel like!).

For introverts, Instagram is ideal for an audience to see an accurate representation of what you offer. It's great because they don't have to see the face of the brand (you!) but they can still view products, services and any progress that you want to share.

Facebook: Long statuses with quality images are great on Facebook to generate social interaction; for the same reasons as LinkedIn and Instagram! It is more of an informal environment. This is why it is beneficial for introverts to share humour and establish a fun side to their business on here. Content can be less corporate so that it is more relatable to your audience! Memes, videos, graphics, offers and updates are what people love and this is why content creation becomes your friend.

Twitter: As a "real time" platform there is no algorithm. Twitter is the most social platform for this reason. Introverts can be more open to contributing to real time events and joining in conversations because everyone will be discussing a similar topic. If you need to be more opinionated, then this is the platform for you! Everything on Twitter is informal so feel free to DM or reply to anyone and don't forget to use funny GIFS.

Remember to choose your platforms wisely! It can be a long process trying to get where you want to be so be patient with the progress you make. Apply yourself carefully and let us know your milestones by leaving a comment.