A Winning Social Media Formula: Ask Auntie AIDA

Thursday 15th of April 2021

Good old auntie AIDA helps businesses around the world get more customers. How, you ask? All you have to do is ask auntie AIDA each time you create a social media post or any marketing material, for that matter.

Who is Auntie AIDA?

She represents a proven marketing formula. AIDA stands for: 

A - Attention

I - Interest 

D - Desire

A - Action 

She is a model designed by St. Elmo Lewis in 1898 to help people understand how personal selling works. 

To this day, businesses of all sizes still use this as a guideline to create social media posts that persuade their readers to do something - generating more leads. 

Why do I need her? 

It’s easy for anyone to write a social media post, but most people unknowingly add only one of two of these key elements. The reality is, all social media posts need to follow this formula to deliver a value proposition to get more customers.

By asking Auntie AIDA each time you decide to make a social media post or any marketing content, you’ll see the difference and get the results you want. 

How do I ask Auntie AIDA? 

It’s more simple than you think. 

Steve Jobs asked Auntie AIDIA how he could stand out from the crowd when selling his MP4, the iconic iPod. Instead of telling people that his iPod had 256MB of storage space, he explained what the storage was for by telling them that the device ‘can fit 1000 songs in your pocket’. It spoke to people’s needs directly, telling them how his product can simply help them.

In Rik’s latest video, he shows us how to ask auntie AIDA when creating a social media post:

1) Attention is delivered in your artwork and first line. Use eye-catching and entertaining images and videos. In your first line, use CAPITALS and include an emoji or two.

Think about it this way, what do you do when you see a social media post that does not grab you? You scroll past it. The aim is to grab peoples attention to stop, look and read about what you have to say. 

2) Interest holds that attention by convincing them to read your post. The trick? Talk about their needs in a simple yet powerful way. 

3) Desire is paired with interest and should be delivered by gradually explaining why the post will benefit the reader. Ask yourself, What’s in it for them?

4) Action is where you can be clear about what you want your readers to do. Include your call to action such as, “Visit our website for more information” or “Contact us.”

Try it! Write it down and keep auntie AIDA with you whenever you post on social media. It will help you entertain, educate and inspire your audience to invest in your product or service. 

Auntie AIDA is one of the many effective social media strategies you need to drive results consistently.

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