A Guide to Social Media Audit Your Business at Any Stage

Friday 25th of June 2021

A social media audit is the first step to creating the best social media strategy.

It’s one of the first stages in the Social Media Food Chain, done alongside our entry post planner, which you can download here to get you posting from day one. 

It helps you evaluate and optimise your social media pages to achieve actionable results. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you on how to conduct a social media audit in just four easy steps.

Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as it sounds. 

1) Make a list of all your social media accounts. 

How many accounts do you have? Write them down, or even better, create an Excel or Google sheet.

Maybe you just have Facebook and Instagram, or you’re just starting out and have no idea what platforms will work best for your business. 

The easiest way to understand which platforms you should keep and which ones you should add or remove is to ask yourself these two questions:

1) “Is my target audience on these platforms?”

2) “What platforms are my target audience on that my business is not?”

Still not sure? Then have a little nosey at your competitors. See what platforms they are using and which ones are working well for them. 

2) Optimise your platforms 

Now that you know where you’ll be posting, it’s time to make sure your social media platforms are up to standard.

All you need to do here is check the following:

  • Are your profile pictures and cover photo’s up to date?
  • Have you filled in all your relevant business information? 
  • Are the images clear and high-quality? 

3) Evaluate Platform Performance

Let’s talk numbers. 

To get the results you want, you need to understand where you stand. 

Next to each social media platform, you wrote down in the first step, fill in the following: 

  • Number of followers
  • Number of likes 

You’ll then need to access the insights section on each of your platforms and write down the following: 

  • Your total reach 
  • Average engagement

Analysing these aspects of your page will give you a good indication of what content needs to go into your strategy to up these numbers. 

From that data, you can also pinpoint which content you should focus on and eliminate.

4) Record, Revise & Repeat

After each week, track your performance and evaluate which posts performed well and which ones didn’t.

Yes! You will have to do this all over again. Sorry to break it to you, but if you’re looking for the best social media strategy, then this is how it starts! It’s actually part of the five fundamentals to social media success

In our Grassroots stage of our Social Media Food Chain, we guide you and give you a social media audit template, a sheet that will populate your data and present it in an easy to digest format! 

Now, you will have a clearer view of what you need to achieve social media success for your business. 

It’s important to remind yourself that a social media audit will help you to track your growth. It allows you to see what is and isn’t working to make the necessary adjustments to improve your business’s social media presence.

You can learn all the tricks and tools you need to create an impressive social media presence. 

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