5 Twitter Mistakes To Avoid

Thursday 5th of August 2021

Most people regard Twitter as being “dead” or simply don’t see the value it offers. With 353 million active users on Twitter to date, it’s worth including it in your marketing strategy. 

It offers business owners the opportunity to practice social listening to gain valuable customer insight, build a brand, increase awareness, and ultimately drive sales. 

However, people who use Twitter for business often make these costly mistakes: 

1) Not Optimising Your Profile 

Page optimisation is so crucial! You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why your bio, profile and cover image, and Twitter handle/ username needs to be set up correctly. 

Here are some tips to optimise your profile:

  • Bio - include your value proposition keywords, your business’s mission statement or a creative catchphrase. 
  • Profile & Cover Image - ensure that you have a clear, high-resolution image of your logo, or if you have a personal brand, use a professional image of yourself. Your cover image can be creative, capturing the essence of what your business does.
  • Twitter Handle/Username - it needs to reflect your brand easily. So, for example, we used our business name. However, if your business name is long, try and abbreviate it to make it more memorable!

2) Not Posting Consistently 


Research suggests that you should Tweet at least 15-20 a day. 

Twitter is extremely fast-paced and difficult to keep up with, We don’t even post that much, but we suggest posting at least 3-7 times a week!

However, if you’re looking for tips to keep your Twitter page consistent, or you’d like to reach the 15-20 tweet goal per day, our CEO Rik Courtney shares an easy tip to reach this target!

As he explains, you just need to rotate and reword the Tweets in your weekly post planner!

I know what you’re thinking - that’s a lot of Tweets to go out! But thankfully, Twitter has come its very own scheduling platform - TweetDeck. So, once you’ve got your Tweets sorted, you can schedule them in advance and save yourself time.

3) Using Too Many Hashtags

One of the most common Twitter mistakes people make is using loads of hashtags. 

Technically, you can use as many hashtags as you like, but Twitter suggests that you should only use between 1-2 hashtags per post for the best reach. 

Use hashtags that are relevant to your post and your business to reach your target audience. Here’s an example of our tweets with a relevant hashtag!

4) Not Tracking Your Results 

You need to go back to the goals you set in your entry post planner. Have you reached the results you wanted? 

Additionally, use Twitter Analytics to track the performance of your posts - your tweets with the most replies, retweets and likes. 

Monitoring this data will give you a clear vision of what posts you need to focus on to up your engagement and reach on Twitter. 

5) Not Engaging With Your Followers

Twitter’s primary purpose is to give people a platform to engage in conversations with anyone worldwide on trending and specific topics. 

You can’t expect engagement and not give it back. You need to be actively engaging with your audience on a daily or weekly basis. That’s why active engagement needs to be a part of your Twitter marketing strategy. 

People like to hear back from a business, especially if they have reached out. A great response can be even better than a Tweet! It humanises your brand, showing your audience that you are a real person - people prefer to connect with people! 

Ultimately, it facilitates a customer support channel for businesses. 

Digital Guru Tip: Hit the magnifying glass and search for keywords that you can engage with. For example, if you’re a B2B business, you could search “Business Owners”. You’ll find a pool of potential customers to engage with. Make sure to update your Search Filter Location to “Near you”.

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