5 Tools to Create the Perfect Post

Friday 13th of March 2020

Creativity is HOW you provide your content with artwork, meaning and purpose.

Creating content without a strategy, objectives and long term plan is ineffective. It is rushed. There are no guaranteed results and more importantly no return on your investment.

In this blog, we are going to outline 5 tools you can use FOR FREE to create the perfect post for your socials. This, in turn, can then be applied to your long term plan and platform strategy moving forward.

1. Canva is there to make your life easier, so use it!

Even if you?re not a graphic designer, Canva has everything that you need right there in one place. As a graphic design website, you can create anything from social media posts to banners. There is also a Canva app so that you can create any design from your mobile and all your templates will be there too. You can even use Canva for video!

2. Unsplash is the home of stock photos and free images

Photography is expensive, but Unsplash is FREE. Unsplash photos can be used because they are royalty-free images and are of good quality. Many Unsplash images are a part of Unsplash collections created by photographers worldwide for many subjects. Just search what you want, and then download them.

3. Create your templates as a square (Facebook / Instagram)

The aspect ratio is what you need to understand. Size is important for posting. But why? Different platforms only display a certain amount of an image on the timeline before the rest of the image is cropped. The Facebook aspect ratio is normally 1:1 (square) and this is the same as the Instagram aspect ratio. A Canva design for these platforms should be kept at 800 x 800 pixels so it remains square, and so that there are no risks of any information on the image being cropped or hidden by the timeline.

4. Different platform, Different Template (LinkedIn and Twitter)

Now, Linkedin and Twitter have a very different aspect ratio to Facebook and Instagram. 16:9 or 1200 x 628 pixels is a great Twitter post size. Creating images that size has more social media benefits as images are naturally cropped to the size of a rectangle on their timelines. This means that if you create your Canva image as a rectangle, for the ideal LinkedIn image size, all your information will be displayed.

5. Gather those inspirational references...

Benchmarking should be used to set your design inspiration. Get yourself some references from other businesses by choosing designs that are similar and best represent your business. Use the ideas and style you gain as artwork inspiration for your own content.

Check out the different campaign posts of your references and how they are crushing it, just don?t let them define you or your creative style.

Continue to watch this space if you want to discover how colour, text and images majorly influence the PSYCHOLOGY behind your designs.