5 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Ads

Thursday 22nd of April 2021

Have you boosted a post or started a Facebook ad, and it’s not working? Or you do not see the results? We’ve all been there.

Facebook ads give you the opportunity to put your business in front of new people, but not just anyone, your perfect audience. It is the CHEAPEST form of advertising right now, looking at between £5-8 per thousand people reached.

Facebook currently sits at 2.8 billion active users worldwide, and of those, 44.84 million in the UK - so it’s definitely not a waste at all. I get that Facebook makes it seem simple to do by entering your card details to generate leads and sales, but there’s a lot more to it.

So whatever you’ve done, or are currently doing. Stop now. This post will share the tools and tricks we use to run Facebook ads successfully.

1) Facebook Pixel 

Install this now - you’ll thank us later. It’s a piece of website code that helps you collect data to track conversions from Facebook ads. It will also help you optimise your ad campaigns by building an audience for future ads and remarketing to people who have already visited your website. 

The Facebook Pixel ensures your ads are seen by people who would be likely to take action. Therefore, it improves your ads conversion rate and increases your ROI. It collects data so that you don’t have to create a Facebook ad from scratch.

2) Lookalike Audiences

By selecting a lookalike audience, you are basically making a copy cat of the data you have already collected. This gives you the opportunity to target brand new prospects in any corner of the country. The Facebook pixel identifies an educated audience who have visited your website and creates a new audience similar to those viewers, helping you drive money towards more prospects that are likely to buy from you. 

3) Choose The End Goal - Conversion

Rik’s latest video explains that you always need to keep the end goal in mind, even if the ad campaign has a short term goal. Selecting “Conversions” in each Facebook ad campaign will help you identify an audience that is likely to engage with your website and consistently target that audience.

4) Striking Visuals

Your ad image and video need to grab your audience’s attention. Think about what would get them to stop scrolling on their feed? Something eye-catching will increase your ad’s performance.

5) Compelling Copy

Keep your copy short and sweet and include a clear call to action. When writing ad copy, you need to speak in the language of your audience, highlight pain points and how your product or service will help.

Social Media Guru Tip: Use the AIDA copywriting formula when writing your caption. It’s likely to increase results dramatically. Watch the video here.

You cannot run successful Facebook ads without data, eye-catching images and impactful copy. By just applying these tips to your Facebook advertising strategy, you will see results.

If you need Facebook ad support or simply want to take them to the next level, let one of our team members help you. Book a FREE Social Media Review so we can take a bespoke look at your business and offer some solutions.