Five Fundamentals for Social Media Success

Thursday 6th of May 2021

Social media puts businesses directly in front of their customers. However, most struggle to understand how social media achieves this.

So, how do businesses land in the palm of their customers' hands? 

With an effective social media marketing strategy! Without one, you’re posting with no purpose.

Our CEO Rik Courtney has been in the social media industry since its inception. He’s identified five fundamentals of social media marketing you must do to succeed. 

In this blog, I’ll explain these building blocks that make a powerful social media strategy. 

1) Outline your marketing goals. 

The first step in any social media strategy is to list the goals you want to achieve. By asking yourself, “where do you want to be?” along with your business goals and objectives, will help you visualise the targets you want to hit. Having those targets in mind will help you understand what is needed to hit them. 

Remember always to follow the famous framework for goal setting! Set SMART goals: 

Specific: Keep them simple and straightforward. 

Measurable: Include one or two benchmarks.

Achievable: Is it possible or impossible? 

Relevant: Is the goal within reach? (time and budget)

Time-orientated: Include a time frame. Would it be five months or a year? 

2) Develop your Value Proposition

As Steve Jobs said, “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards.” 

Your value proposition is the benefits your business offers your customers. It sets you apart from your competitors as it highlights why your customer should buy from you and not from them. It allows your clients to identify with your business. By speaking to their pain points, you’ll create valuable content that will establish you as a thought leader in the industry, increasing your engagement online. 

If you’re struggling to understand your value proposition, let David, our marketing manager, show you how to create one.

3) Inbound: Social Proof

The key to success on social media is consistency. By posting consistently every day will help build your social proof. Social proof is the content you share across your social media platforms. You need social proof for when your customers research your business. 

The best way to post consistently yet effectively? Create Themes and Pillars.


Select daily themes to help you create meaningful content. It will guide you in creating content that includes a range of topics that your audience would find interesting.

For example, you could structure it like this; Motivate Monday, Tip Tuesday, Wisdom Wednesday, Thought Thursday, Feature Friday, Shout out Saturday and Lazy Sunday. 

It’s a broad example, so don’t forget to personalise it to your business! Can you change it up maybe to Fact Fridays? Or Adventure Sunday’s? Get creative with it!


Monthly pillars can help you avoid content fatigue. These pillars link everything together, forming the foundation of your content. 

At Be More Social, we outline pillars for each quarter of the year to help us understand what content we need to produce each month. 

For example, in our first quarter, we identified the following pillars:

- January: Planning Content

- February: Creating Content

- March: Delivery of Content

We know January is the ‘Startup’ season. Many people often start a new business in the new year. So we focus our content around planning, not just for social but for business too.

4) Outbound: Social Listening

Identify keywords that are used within your industry and niche. Practice social listening to monitor these keywords to keep up to date with the industry, your niche and keep an eye on your competitors. It allows you to find conversations, and by liking and commenting on them, you’re sharing your value even further.

Not sure what your keywords are? It’s your product or service. It’s the main points of your value proposition. Make a note of them in the 5 Fundamentals Workbook

When choosing a social media platform, we recommend posting on the four major platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, this varies between different businesses and industries. Use social listening to see where the conversations about your business, industry and competitors are happening and make sure you’re there too. 

Select a Default Time when you post. For example, think about when you’d like your message to be delivered or when your audience will be online.

Pro Tip: After each week, take a look back at the performance of your posts. Check the time those posts performed well and use that default time to post.

5) Focus On The Data

Once you have at least one month’s worth of content published, look back to see what worked and what didn't. Next, you’ll identify what content to eliminate and focus on. 

By focusing on content that makes the biggest impact, you will positively impact business success with social media marketing. Our five fundamentals workbook allows you to track the reach and impressions of your content to get a birds-eye view of what content makes the most significant impact. 

Now that you understand the building blocks to make social media a success, apply it to your strategy and let us know if it helped you.

If you’re looking for more resources to achieve social media success, take advantage of our FREE resources here.

Alternatively, if you need extra support, book a FREE social media review. One of our team will look at your social media pages and give you the best advice to achieve social media success!