5 Best LinkedIn Hacks in 2021

Thursday 26th of August 2021

LinkedIn is easy if you just know how to use it. It’s like playing a game. You get better the more you practice and build your audience network, learning all the platform strategies to grow your business.

It’s crucial for reputation management and brand awareness, whether you’re using it for a personal brand or business. 

That’s why in this blog, I’m going to share some tips and tricks to get you ahead of the game so you look good and SMELL good on LinkedIn!

1) Complete your Profile

Nobody wants to connect with a ghost! Ghosts are scary, and most people try to avoid them. So think of an incomplete LinkedIn profile as such.

You must fill your profile to the brim! But don’t just fill it with anything. Keep it relevant and authentic.

 Make sure that you follow these tips to setting up your LinkedIn profile.

  • Profile Photo & Cover Image 

A clean, professional image of yourself can increase the trust of potential prospects. First impressions are critical! So don’t use your casual photo or a selfie. Try to get a professional image taken of yourself. 

If you have a business profile, include a high-quality image of your logo.

  • About 

Create one that would hook your prospects and strengthen your first impression. Explain your passions and your motivations in your professional field. Share your achievements and your goals. 

Try to use a keyword-rich language that your target audience would use to attract their interest, but don’t forget to write how you speak. 

Here’s an example of our CEO, Rik Courtney’s About Section??

  • Experience 

Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete with all relevant information regarding your experience. It allows prospects to look into your history - a simple way of getting to know you better and building a foundation of trust. 

2) Get Recommendations & Endorsements

Recommendations and endorsements will further solidify that foundation of trust. It’s social proof that proves your skillset and industry knowledge.

It increases your credibility and establishes your authority. And according to LinkedIn, your profile may receive up to 17x more views just by adding it! It does this by enhancing your discovery through search. 

Don’t be shy to ask your peers or clients to share their thoughts on your professionalism! 

3) Engage with your Connections 

Be active on LinkedIn. It’s not just about posting updates but interacting with others too. People are people, and you need to give them what they want - a mutual interaction.

Share your opinions and thoughts and give thanks to people who inspire you and educate you on LinkedIn. In fact, engaging on your connections posts can further boost your reach as their followers can view your reactions! 

4) Create Valuable Content 

Another way to engage with your audience is to share content that gives them value. LinkedIn is the place to share insightful information. Think about what your target audience would come onto LinkedIn for? Create and share content that they find exciting and valuable in a status update, image or video format. 

Besides posting images and videos or a status update, LinkedIn carousel posts are fantastic - they help drive even more engagement to valuable content. 

It’s pretty much a mini-presentation of your thoughts and ideas - ones that would serve value to your target audience. 

If you’re struggling to create one, here’s how to create a carousel post

You’ll then need to save your created carousel into a PDF format and upload it to LinkedIn as a document. Here’s an example of one below.

5) Use Hashtags. 

Hashtags help you categorise your content and target your niche. The best hashtag strategy for LinkedIn at the minute goes as follows: 

  • Use 3 Hashtags - two ‘post relevant’ ones and one niche specific.
  • Use your search bar to identify hashtag popularity.

At the top of your LinkedIn, type in the hashtag, you wish to use. You’ll be presented with a range of relevant, popular hashtags to use. 

Using less or more than three hashtags will decrease your reach, so always include three!


Get ahead of the game by creating a powerful, informative LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is undeniable one of the strongest marketing tools. From brand reputation management to lead generation, LinkedIn offers businesses big and small an opportunity to drive sales. 

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