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Whether you want to learn how to gain more customers, build your brand or know what content to post this webinar will show you how to do it.

About This Webinar

Whether you want to learn how to gain more customers, build up your brand or know what content to post on which platform, this series will answer your questions.

Social media is the most powerful tool for your business. In this digital age, more and more businesses are heading to social media to market themselves. Social media will help you to raise brand awareness, manage your company’s reputation and gain new customers. Whatever your goals may be, social media will help you to achieve them whilst simultaneously making your business stronger in the process.

In this webinar our CEO, Rik Courtney, will show you how you can find more customers on social media. He will cover his top tips and strategies across the 4 major platforms and show how to use them to gain more customers.

Rik will show you how to:

Send a LinkedIn message that gets results

Reach new customers on Facebook

Find prospects on Instagram

Make new connections on Twitter

This webinar will teach you how to understand social media in order to get more leads, educate you on the platforms so that your profiles are business ready, and inspire you to take action to find customers online.


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We guarantee that you’ll leave with at least 3 different strategies that you can implement into your business the very same day.


Sean is in fact Rik's brother! He has 16 years in business development and created his own podcast that generated over 1000 listeners in 16 weeks. He is passionate about people and keeping social entertaining and educational.

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Formerly a musician and teacher in schools, gaining an online audience of over 10k followers across socials media. David can apply everything he knows to your business.

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